LED Strip Lights

LED Strip Light is widely used for residential & commercial decoration due to it’s versatile feature: bendable, cuttable, slim, self-adhesive,all colors( White&other single colors, Bi-color, RGB, RGBW,RGBWW, Dream colors etc.)With the help of controllers and other neccessary accessories, led strip lights can achieve dimmale, color & mode changing, CCT tunable etc. For example, with WiFi controller, you can control colors, modes, brightness etc of the led strip light by phone APP.

We specialized in the production of LED Strip lights. They are Mainly classified to: 1. by color: White & other single color LED Strip, CCT Bi-color LED Strip,  RGB/RGBW/RGBCW color changing LED Strip, dream pixel LED Strip etc..  2.by power source: such as Solar LED Strip, Battery LED Strip, USB LED Strip etc.. 3.by feature:such as COB LED Strip, super slim LED Strip, super long LED Strip etc.. 4.by voltage: DC low voltage LED Strip and AC high voltage LED Strip. Mainly there are DC 5V, DC 12V, DC 24V and AC 110V, AC 220V etc.. 5.Full set for plug&play or not: if need plug and play, you can choose complete full kit. if no, you can choose necessary components for DIY.