About Us

Innovashine LED has been manufactured LED Strip lights for 12 years.
We are specialized in the production of LED Strip lights and it’s accessories.
Our factory’s advantages are stable quality, quick leadtime, low MOQ, custom design, factory wholesale price.

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1.Stable quality matters.
Our engineers, together with the well trained production line and QC staff assure all the products with stable quality.
LED Strip is mainly made up by FPC, LED, chip resistor, glue, connector&wire.

a.We use double layer copper FPC, which is much better than single layer electrolyte FPC.
b.For LED, what we used is mainly San’an and MLS LED, which are big LED brand with market capitalization exceeds 100 billion.
c.For chip resistor, it’s important for stable voltage and current. Such as for 12V LED Strip, mainly it’s designed in series-parallel circuit:
that is 3 LEDs plus 1 resistor formed a series circuit, and all these series circuits parelled to the whole LED Strip.
Resistor here is to keep the whole circuit working in stable voltage.So choose the correct resistor is important.
d.For glue, most used are epoxy resin and silicone glue. Silicone glue is better in some aspects, but also with higher price.
The difference between epoxy resin and silicone glue mainly are:
epoxy resin has better heat dissipation ability than silicon glue;
but in high temperature resistance and yellowing resistance, silicon glue is much better than epoxy resin.
e.Main production process of LED Strip lights includes: printing solder paste, SMD package,reflow soldering.
We have strict checking on each process.

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2.Quick leadtime
We have stock for regular items, which can send out for shipping at any time.
For customized items,that depends on the details required.

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3.low MOQ
There has no MOQ requirement if purchase regular stock items.
For customized items, we will keep MOQ as small as possible.

4.custom design
Our factory can design and produce custom led strip lights as your need.
Custom length, color, brightness, IP rate etc..

5.factory wholesale price
We promise to offer stable quality products in factory price.

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How to contact us?
Phone/Whatsapp/Wechat: 0086 13145938377
Email: [email protected]
Skype: innovashine-chris